Terms Conditions

General chapter
This service contract is not an insurance contract. Insurance Policy Or collateral This service contract does not guarantee or promise the characteristics of the object. Skilled technician or worker Or product performance
For the purpose of verifying the validity of the contract You may be requested by one of our customer service representatives to show your service contract in order to provide quick service for your products. Therefore, we recommend that you keep these documents in a safe place.
• Damage to the product caused by an accident means your product stops working normally and can specify the time and location. And the use of products or product safety Being affected by unanticipated and unintended events that include
(1) Damaged screen: loss of operation Screen cracking or breakage is limited to the parts that need to be repaired. Cracking or breakage of the screen and rear glass such as glass / plastic LCD screens and sensors attached to the screen.
(2) Other damage: loss of work Including liquid damage caused by accidentally spilling in or on the product And any physical damage Which occurs beyond the damaged screen
Force majeure means natural disaster, fire, flood, war, invasion, military attack of another country, war, war operation Economic war Or economic turmoil
• Mobile communications equipment means mobile phones Which can perform a variety of functions with computer operations With the characteristic touch screen area Internet access And a management system that can download applications ("Smartphones") or personal portable computers wirelessly with a touch screen area that does not have a permanent keyboard ("tablet") that you bought from PTK. Equipment and have been serviced under this service contract.
• Products means products that appear in the PTK Equipment sales channel and are serviced under this service contract.
• Product purchase price means the product price that does not deduct the price discount Or any freight That qualify for the service as specified in this service contract.
• Improved products (Refurbished) means products in good condition. There may be marks of use such as scratches but excluding deep scratches. And there is no significant sign of serious wear Without affecting the operation of the product
• Service means product repair management Or replacement of replacement products under this service contract
• Claims under service contracts means requesting repairs. Or change a replacement product Which is limited to one (1) time throughout this contract
• We, us and ours refer to PTK Equipment Company Limited ("PTK Equipment"), the service provider under this service contract.
• You and yours refer to customers who purchase products and receive service protection under this service contract.