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About Us


Conducting business in the import and distribution of safety and occupational equipment Environmental health from Europe, America and Asia and is a supplier of personal safety equipment (PPE: PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT). Working at high altitude Working in confined space, rescue by expert with long experience Both Thai and foreigners

We are SAFE: SAFE is us.

     S (Satisfaction) create satisfaction for customers.
     A (Adaptation) Continuous improvement
     F (Firm Company), reputable, corporate governance
     E (Excellent Service) Service is excellent.

About Us

Our Services

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Rope Access & Work At Height

4 day trainings, 1 day exam

For those who want to work on high places with rope systems

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Work at Heights

1 day training

Suitable for workers climbing the pole, climbing structures, installing / repairing equipment on high pillars.

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Rope Work & Access Techniques

2 day trainings, 1 day exam

For those who want to absead vertical maintenance work

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Rope Work for Zip line Operation

5 day trainings

Suitable for workers on high places using zipline techniques

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3 days training

For pruning workers, perennial plants, maintaining large trees, etc.

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Safety Equipment

safety products

Safety equipment center